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Learning how to use Tanka

Welcome to the Tanka tutorial! The following sections will explain how to deploy an example stack, (Grafana and Prometheus), to Kubernetes. We will also deal with parameters, differences between dev and prod and how to stop worrying and love libraries.

To do so, we have the following steps:

  1. Deploying without Tanka first: Using good old kubectl to understand what Tanka will do for us.
  2. Using Jsonnet: Doing the same thing once again, but this time with Tanka and Jsonnet.
  3. Parameterizing: Using Variables to avoid data duplication.
  4. Abstraction: Splitting components into individual parts.
  5. Environments: Dealing with differences between dev and prod.
  6. k.libsonnet: Avoid having to remember API resources.

Completing this gives a solid knowledge of Tanka’s fundamentals. Let’s get started!