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Installing and publishing

The tool for dealing with libraries is jsonnet-bundler. It can install packages from any git source using ssh and GitHub over https.

Install a library

To install a library from GitHub, use one of the following:

Terminal window
jb install<user>/<repo>
jb install<user>/<repo>/<subdir>
jb install<user>/<repo>/<subdir>@<version>

Otherwise, use the ssh syntax:

Terminal window
jb install git+ssh://git@mycode.server:<path-to-repo>.git
jb install git+ssh://git@mycode.server:<path-to-repo>.git/<subdir>
jb install git+ssh://git@mycode.server:<path-to-repo>.git/<subdir>@<version>

Publish to Git(Hub)

Publishing is as easy as committing and pushing to a git remote. GitHub is recommended, as it is most common and supports faster installing using http archives.